Black Aquatic and Afrofuturism Slideshow & Playlist


Here are the slides for my presentation from the Black Aquatic and Afrofuturism panel last Thursday at the Studio Museum of Harlem:

Black Aquatic Slideshow

Spotify Playlist 

A great recap of the panel by afutureancient with links to many of the discussed works can be found here:



I just came across this remarkable African Sci-fi short film called ‘The Day They Came.’ It’s a zero budget 4-minute-long piece which follows a young Nigerian man who strolls outside his house on a calm Sunday morning only to witness the start of an alien invasionà la War of the Worlds. This is apparently the first of a series, and I’m excited to see the upcoming releases. I find particularly fascinating the film’s subversion of the traditional alien encounter set in London or New York and, as in the movie District 9 (2009), relocation to the more familiar geography of a contemporary African city. This short film represents yet another example of the effectiveness of science fiction as a narrative instrument for the next generation of African artists.